Single at Christmas – Check out These Ideas

by suzy

Being single at Christmas can feel depressing. You see couples choosing gifts together, buying new Christmas decorations, holding hands and kissing under the mistletoe. They seem so wonderfully happy, which makes you feel even worse as you are facing Christmas without a partner.

The problem is as a divorced woman you seem to remember only the good times with your ex during the holidays and forget all the bad times. It’s too easy to indulge in some self pity and convince yourself of how miserable it is not being in a relationship this time of the year. I know how it feels. I’ve been there.

Nevertheless, here is what I discovered helped me enjoy this time of the year without a partner.

1. Make A Xmas Holiday Plan

Decide ahead of time how much you want to be visible during the Christmas period. Divide your time between a party and a business event you are expected to attend to do new things. Get out of the rut of doing what you did when you were married. Family gatherings can be as stressful as they are fun. Rather than stress yourself, engage in something that you will enjoy.

2. Start Your Own Christmas Traditions

You could host a gift exchange party with some of the single people you have met. Think outside of the box. Instead of serving the typical Christmas cheer like eggnog make it a cranberry martini party. Decorate your tree with beautiful bows instead of typical balls and glitter. The key is at this point in your life create your own version of Christmas

3. Help Out Others During The Holidays

Volunteering your time is a perfect solution to feeling fulfilled and active during the Christmas season. Help out in a soup kitchen. Participate in a toy drive or sponsor a less fortunate child/family. Give some time to a food drive collection during this holiday season. Really get involved in the doing not just bringing food items or writing a check. Focus your attention on others and find opportunities to get involved in your community. The list of things to do to help others is never ending.

And the bonus for participating in all these activities is you will meet single guys volunteering for the same reason you are. It helps them get through the holidays.

4. Take Christmas Vacation Trip

Check out all the single vacation spots during the holiday season. Challenge yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone. Alternatively, if you want to use this time of the year to pamper and rejuvenate yourself go to a destination spa in another country or at least another city.

Granted it is easy to feel blue during this time of the year but how fun is that? Remember there are always two sides to a coin you just need to flip the coin to the positive side. As a woman that is single at Christmas this offers the chance to open the door to new and more fulfilling opportunities. From my experience that can be pretty exciting.

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Yaz from Singles Holidays Over 50s December 2, 2011 at 3:46 PM

Yes, there are some good vacation packages catered just for singles over 40. And they don’t have to be focused on dating or finding someone either. Just being in good company with other people who also were in their 20s in the great 1980s!

I know of New Year’s singles holiday packages to Las Vegas, and for the more adventurous, one to Vietnam, and another to South Africa.

California Dreaming January 5, 2011 at 3:23 PM

Hi Suzy,

Good advice. I DID go on a trip, to an all inclusive resortin the DR. I just felt like treating myself and you were right. Doing something different put a different spin on a holiday. I was celebrating and having fun but not obsessing about how it was supposed to be. Thanks so much.

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