Online Dating Scams – Are You Next?

by suzy

Are you aware that online dating scams have become a serious threat to women who are using internet dating sites to meet men?

Online date scammers are experts in their field for getting women to fall for their ruse. They could not only take your money, but could break your heart. Theses men are professionals in online dating fraud, and you don’t have a chance if one of these guys decides to target you

Think it would never happen to you because you consider yourself street wise and savvy when it comes to these types of situations?

Well think again.

One common technique that these con men use is to steal identities of American Soldiers. Sometimes the solider whose identity they take are dead. On a Scammers Have Been Using The Photo of Spc. Brian Browning Online Dating Scams   Are You Next?profile, they put a picture of a deceased solider in uniform during the time he served in the military. Other times, they take the identity of a solider that is alive and serving time overseas. These identity thieves pass themselves off as being this lonely solider looking for love.

A common ploy is, they say they are in Afghanistan soon to come home. They email love letters send gifts and seduce a woman psychologically in every way imaginable. At the point that they feel their victim is hooked, they come up with a very believable story for needing money to get home.

One scam artist told his new found love that he was asking for an early release, so he could be with her and her kids for Christmas. He told her that based on his time served his request would be honored. He just needed to go through the process and all the paper work that was required to get his discharge and head back to the states.

The woman who was a victim of this deception said for several months prior he showered her with daily love letters, flowers and other small gifts delivered to her home. She had to admit that she loved all the attention and wanted to believe it was for real. She was newly divorced, mother of two kids, lonely and wanting a man in her life.

It was at this time that he tells her he has run into a problem. To complete his request for an early discharge he has to pay about $5,000.00 dollars, which will be refunded to him when he returns to the U.S. The problem is he does not have the money in his account and asks her to help him out. That means send me the money.

She was clearly hooked, could hardly wait for him to get back so they could get married and live happily ever after.

He e-mailed lots of very official looking paperwork and even had his ‘lieutenant ‘ (in reality, another con man) call her confirming that he would not be allowed to complete the process for discharge without this payment of $5,000.00 dollars.

She took out a loan and sent him the money.

A few days later he tells her he just found out that in order for him to receive all of his benefits, he needs to file another request, which requires a $10,000.00 dollar payment which will be refunded the moment his discharge is completed.

Since she can’t get another loan she takes it out of her children’s college fund. No problem she thinks to herself. After all, she will put it back within the next month when he is discharged and reimburses her the money.

Now she is $15,000.00 dollars poorer, and he disappears into the internet vapor space.

This divorced mother of two said she was devastated, humiliated and embarrassed that she fell for this internet dating scheme. But beyond that she was broken hearted to discover that the man of her dreams was nothing more than a pipe dream and all her hopes had gone up in smoke.

This is just one sad story. There are thousands more like this one or worse.

My advice is before you start looking for love online consider the risk factors and the devastating consequences should you become a victim of online dating fraud.

Do you have a story to share?

Leave me a comment below.


Suzy Weiss

P.S. You are now aware of online dating scams and the risks of internet dating, what can you do to meet good men?

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fred from Meet singles people free dating online February 6, 2012 at 3:14 AM

You should be extra careful when dating online especially when it involves money. You should do not easily trust people even though you have been exchanging email for some time. Consider it a red flag if some one asks your for money. Dating sites only help you to get in touch with the people. Many people join a dating site with different intentions. so please be careful.

suzy February 6, 2012 at 11:45 AM

Thanks for sharing this insight. It’s easier than most people realize to become a victim of an online dating scam. Watch for red flags.

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