Dating Tips-How To Tell A Man Likes You

by suzy

About a week ago, I was in a dating coaching session with my client Patti. She was trying to explain to me this confusion about a guy she knew and was attracted to from her workplace. However, Patti was being rather vague and when I asked her, “Are you asking me how to tell a man likes you? She reluctantly said, yes.

Patti then said at her age it felt ridiculous not to be able to tell if a guy liked her. This is what a teenager would wonder about not a 43 year old divorced woman. I told her that these are common concerns women have regardless of their age or dating experience. In addition to that, you need to know how to read the signs, if he likes you, or you may miss the signals and walk right past your Mr. Right.

Here are the typical scenarios that women experience.

1. You noticed this man when you were standing and talking with a friend. You think he noticed you. Right away you override that thought and decide it is your imagination or wishful thinking.

2. Nice looking gentleman looks at you at about the same time you see him. Your eyes meet for a few seconds, you feel a little nervous and then you quickly look away. When you glance back, he is engaged with a few other people. Now you wonder, was he watching you as you mingled in your group? On the other hand, is this your ego making this up?

So the question is: Why are guys so hard to read?

There are two answers to this dilemma. The first is men are covert and conceal their feelings initially. They want to protect themselves from rejection. So they wait to get a sign from the female who says it’s safe to approach me.

The second answer is a woman does not want to assume a guy has eyes for her without an obvious reason to believe it. So now we have a catch 22. Somebody needs to make a more overt move, and that is the woman’s job. That is how the game is played.

However, to help you out of the guessing stage, here are 3 tips for how to how to tell a man likes you.

Man Attraction Tip # 1
He asks other people about you. It may be a mutual friend or someone at work where he is trying to find out what your situation is. The bottom line, he wants to know if you are available. So when your friend tells you this guy has been asking about you, that is your green light. Give the “GO’ sign through your friend by saying you would like to get to know him.

Man Attraction Tip # 2
He shows up unexpectedly. He definitely likes you if he appears out of nowhere. Why? Because you can be assured that, this dude has been asking people about your schedule. Alternatively, this man had been noticing where you are going and at what time. So when he suddenly happens to be where you are at most this guy may say hi. He is waiting for you to give the clue that he can move forward. Don’t play coy, be first to start a conversation.

Man Attraction Tip # 3
If a man gets close enough to you to get into a conversation, hands down, this guy is interested. Listening and responding to what you say is his way of making his next move. That would be to ask you, “Are you involved with anyone?” If you say no, this question will be followed up another question, which is asking you for a date.

I hope this has cleared up some of the confusion about how to tell men like you. My last bit of dating advice is always remember to give a guy a reason to like you. That means be friendly and approachable, smile and let your femininity shine through.

Suzy Weiss

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Mike from how to tell if a guy likes you May 5, 2011 at 9:50 PM

Suzy, really nice observation. That is the main problem : nobody wants to open up a little bit
in fear of rejection – but it shouldn’t be this way.

A lot of times, people actually LIKE each other, but just DO NOT show any feedback, and then
both parties stay confused and don’t know what to think, and look for these kind of articles.

Here is one more tip from me

He says the dumbest thing to carry on the conversation

This is what I used to do back in the days – when we would run out of things to say I would QUICKLY think of something, the first thing that pops on my mind and say it IMMEDIATELY. If you pay attention to the conversation next time, try to catch this one because it can be a pretty clear giveaway. Why do guys do that? Well… THEY LIKE YOU, and they like talking to you, and they don’t want you to go away, they want to keep talking to you – so there you go :)

Check out my blog :)

suzy February 15, 2012 at 2:07 PM


What you mentioned is true.

We have to be willing to risk and open up and put the old fear of rejection – in our back pocket so to speak.

Yes, men will say dumb things or tell jokes that don’t quite have a strong punch line in an effort to carry on the conversation. Ladies don’t judge these guys too harshly. He risking. He’s showing interest.

Your prince charming may possibly not be a great conversationalist… but he might have a heart of gold.

Do you have regrets about saying ‘NO’ too soon to a certain guy?

Let me know below.


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