How To Meet Middle Aged Men – Mobilize A Mob Of Matchmakers!

by suzy

How To Meet Middle Aged Men Image 3 How To Meet Middle Aged Men – Mobilize A Mob Of Matchmakers!How to meet middle aged men is a question often asked by women looking to meet men their own age. When I hear single divorced women over 40 say they are going to give up on dating because all the good guys are taken… I want to pull my hair out.

That’s just not accurate because all the good men aren’t taken. Nevertheless, I know many middle aged women are convinced it is true based on their experience.

They have tried online dating membership sites and they met losers and liars. They have met jerks in the bars looking for a one night stand and they found speed dating humiliating. And many have said that ‘Meet Ups’ are not where the good men hang out.

So what do these single women over 40 do? Sadly, they give up because of the frustration and disappointment they experience.

My message to all of you divorced women in the 40 plus range is:

Pleeeze listen to what I have to tell you. It will totally change your ‘not meeting good men’ status to the easily meeting great available guy’s status.

It all begins by understanding the power of six degrees of separation and that it is the perfect answer to the question: “How meet middle aged men that are looking for their ideal mate?”

‘Six Degrees of Separation’ refers to a theory that all people on Earth are connected to one another by no more than six separate individuals. A theory that parallels the idea that “it’s a small world,” six degrees of separation maintains that through a series of connections or steps, all people have the potential to know one another on a first name basis through mutual acquaintances

Meeting nice attractive men over 40 is actually simple if you are what I call an “intelligent dater.”

Mobilizing Your Mob Of Matchmakers

By incorporating the theory of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’, you put your dating life into high gear. I like to refer to it as, mobilizing your mob of matchmakers.Mobilize A Mob Of Matchmakers Image1 How To Meet Middle Aged Men – Mobilize A Mob Of Matchmakers!

You do this by doing the things that afford you the opportunities to always be meeting new people. Every time you make a new acquaintance that places you in the position of meeting their friends and that places you in the perfect situation to meet these new friends, friends and it just continues on and on.

The key to finding Mr. Right is you need to meet a lot of people to start the ball rolling. It doesn’t matter if you are meeting women, or men already in relationship. Whoever you meet just let them know that you are interested in meeting available men that they may know. By doing this you have successfully mobilized your mob of matchmakers.

I recommend that you have a brief description of the type of men you would like to meet. Make sure you keep your explanation about the men you would like to meet focused on the values that are most important to you. As an example if you are an active, healthy person, than you would want to meet a man that has that same value. Or maybe you want to meet men who are the same religion or race as you.

But here is a warning:

Do not make a list of superficial must haves for you to have an interest in a man. Superficial must haves would be a man must have a full head of hair, a certain eye color or be a particular height or be all buffed out etc. You get the idea right?

Granted, you must have chemistry with a man, but you may be shocked to discover that your physical attraction to a man has nothing to do with how much hair he has. As a woman dating after 40 you will be aging and so will he. So he could have hair today, but gone tomorrow!

Get clear on the 5 qualities that you must have in a man and communicate that to all the new people you meet. Remember, all the new people you meet know people that are also looking to meet a quality woman over 40.

Get Started Meeting New Men

Now here are some ideas of how to get started meeting new people.

Make a list of all the things that you have an interest in doing or learning about.

So, if you love to play golf check out golf clubs where you can get involved in tournaments or different foursomes. You could volunteer to be on the social committee for the club, great way to meet new people.

Dating after divorce for women over 40 Image1 How To Meet Middle Aged Men – Mobilize A Mob Of Matchmakers!All volunteer organizations offer huge opportunities to meet lots of new people. You will want to be active and take on some leadership roles within the organization.

Classes and lectures are perfect places to meet a diverse group of people who probably know lots of other interesting people much like themselves.

So to answer the question how to meet middle aged men, just mobilize your mob of matchmakers.

Remember, the goal for dating after divorce for women over 40 is to meet lots of new people who will know people that you haven’t met and start the ball rolling. That is the best way for you to meet good men in the over 40 age range.


Suzy Weiss

P.S. Sometimes a good dating coach can make a difference.
Take a look at what a dating coach can do for your love life.

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Wesley Eskildsen March 2, 2012 at 5:20 PM

I am 49, and have never been married. I have been rejected by many women. In most cases, not only were they not out of my league, I may have been out of theirs. I don’t think I am conceited. I have a lot going for me. I have been told I’m handsome. I have nearly always been employed. I may not be rich, But I have circumnavigated the globe, been on Television and in Movies, and have several Medals I earned while on Active Duty in the US Navy. I feel that there are plenty of good men out there that are continuously rejected by women that claim there aren’t any good men out there. I also feel that way too many women are not in good shape physically and are then surprised when men reject them. You don’t have to look bulimic or like Barbie, just don’t look like Roseanne or Mama Cass. I will not date a woman that outweighs me or one that looks more masculine than me.

suzy March 3, 2012 at 3:14 PM

Hmmmm, 49 and never been married and you’ve been rejected by many women in spite of the fact that you are a perfect ‘guy’ specimen. It’s baffling :???: Either you keep meeting really dumb women who don’t recognize all your attributes…or your meeting really smart women that see what you don’t see. I know this may be shocking , but maybe you’re not as amazing as you think you are. Maybe you come across as ‘full of yourself’ My advice to you my friend is it take some time for a little self reflection and begin to look within to get some clues as to how you are being perceived by these woman that reject you.

Wesley Eskildsen March 3, 2012 at 7:05 PM

I never said I was a perfect guy specimen. I believe I am above average, but I do not act that way. Perhaps I should. I am a “nice” guy. Women that I am attracted to seem to get this and I get lumped into the “Friend” category immediately. Women claim they want a “Nice” guy, but what they really want is a guy that incites passion within them. That’s why they go for the “Bad boys”. That’s okay though, I am fine alone. One day I may incite that passion in someone, but until then C’est la vie.

suzy March 4, 2012 at 8:38 AM

So, is it true that ‘nice guys’ finish last? And if it is true, it’s out of your hands I guess. Unless you go to the ‘Bad Boys’ school and learn the tricks of the trade. Well, I’m glad to hear that you’re “fine alone”given you don’t see anything about yourself that could be changed… plus you’re quite certain you know what the problem is (women don’t want nice guys).So being alone is probably your foreseeable future. I say this because, you’re waiting for the women to change. The reality is nothing will change until you change your perception and get down to the truth of what you need to change about yourself. That is the only way you can change your life from being single to being a couple.

Stephen April 7, 2011 at 4:52 PM

Hi Suzy, I have to admit that your information makes a lot of sense. I am in my mid 40′s and relocated to the Greensboro area of NC fairly recently from New England. I, like some of your other students have a tough time in finding that very special person. My standards are not too high, just a nice women with morals and ethics. I am also open to relocating for that special someone? I am not at all stuck on age, as some men are. I just want to be happy and make the other person very happy in this life.

Where would a good place to meet women be?

suzy April 8, 2011 at 1:43 PM

Hi Stephen,
What is interesting that as a man you are basically having the same issues as divorced women. In either case finding it difficult to meet that special partner. The reality is whether you are a divorced woman or man over 40 the principles for meeting the right person are the same for both genders.
Dating in midlife requires a plan of action for meeting the kind of people that you would be best suited for. The odds of accidentally meeting your perfect mate the second time around are not in your favor. That is why you need to approach this situation in your life as you would any important goal for yourself. Think about all the different goals that we go after during our lifetime. A while back you may have had a goal of attending a particular university. After that you may have certain career goal and financial goals. There are other goals like running a marathon, improving your golf game or climbing the tallest mountain. You get the idea right?
The key is that whenever you have set important goals in your life, you did the things you needed to do in order to successfully reach each goal. This same strategy is needed to reach the goal of finding your ideal mate. You need a well thought-out plan and than you need to take action on the plan.
First thing is to get crystal clear about the values you must have in a partner. Next find out where that type of person spends their time. As an example if you value an active outdoor life than start attending groups that are involved in the activities that you are most interested in. In other words put yourself in a target rich environment to put the odds in your favor of meeting the kind of people that you have things in common with.
And then just like this blog How to Meet Middle Aged Men says you need to tell everyone you meet about the kind of person you are hopping meet. If the people you meet are doing the things that you like to do than they most likely will know people like themselves and that could lead you to your perfect mate.
Granted this approach does take effort and energy but the payoff is huge in terms of finding your soulmate. I know for me after my divorce it was worth everything I put into it (which was a lot) to find my husband who is my soulmate.
If you find yourself wishing there was just a simple, easy way than recognize that is an illusion. The better things in life take energy,planning and effort.
Don’t waste your time and energy doing the things that have a very low probability of success. That would include internet dating sites, bars and speed dating.
Stay focused on your ideal mates characteristics. Get active in attending the type of events, lectures, volunteer and other groups that would attract the type of people you want to meet. It’s as simple as that.
Hope this helps,
P.S. Go here to read more about ‘Online Dating Scams‘.

California Girl 648 April 3, 2011 at 11:49 AM

Well here goes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made an appointment for makeup and highlights and have started inviting people for the wine and; cheese – in 2 weeks. Hope I can get enough people and guts to go through with this. Thanks for your help and I will let you know how it turns out. Can I just pass around this guy’s picture for the someone I am dying to meet (GRIN)??

Eleanor March 31, 2011 at 5:29 PM

Besides the cat, I love the GUY.

California Girl 648 March 31, 2011 at 2:55 PM


This sounds like a lot of work!! I really would like to meet a nice guy and I certainly am not meeting one at work. Most of my friends are married. I am so out of the dating game that I don’t really know how to start?? I promiced myself that if you gave me 3 FIRM suggestions, that I would follow them (even if I hate it).
PS- I love the cat photo. Sure hope she gets her tuna!

suzy March 31, 2011 at 3:15 PM

Hi California Girl,
Here are 3 firm tips that will kick start your dating activity.
Tip #1
Throw a wine and cheese party and invite 10 to 15 guests. Each guest must bring 1 new person who does not know the other guests. By doing just this you have expanded your network of people and this puts the 6 Degrees of Separation theory into action. The result from just this one party is you will be invited to many of your guests party’s and that will put you in the position of meeting people you have never met before. From there it will snowball.
The more new people you meet the better the better the odds are for you to meet Mr. Right. Because all the new people you meet probably know a man that they want you to meet. Or your Mr.Right may be who someone brings to your party or you may meet him at one of your guests party. The women that have done this have had amazing success in getting started dating and many have met their ideal mate through this process and it all started with that one party they had.
Tip #2
When you meet new people you want to let them know the kind of guy that would best suit your needs. Write a script out for yourself that succinctly describes your must haves in terms of the values you are looking for in a man. Memorize that script so that it is on the tip of your tongue whenever you need it.
As and example you could say:
I’m hoping to meet a man that values his health and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking or bike riding etc. And because I love to travel and discover new places I would like to meet a man that enjoys that as well. And lastly a guy that has a good sense of humor and takes the time to stop and smell the roses.
Keep it short and to the point. Speak only to the values that are looking for in a partner.
Tip # 3
You need to get your 2 A’s in place for dating. Your 2 A’s stands for Appearance and Attitude. Remember, everyone you meet could be your matchmaker and first impressions count in a big way. In the Appearance department put some energy into updating your wardrobe to a style that is most attractive on you. Get a new hairstyle and get some professional advice on your makeup.
Next is attitude. Remember, attitude has a huge impact when making a first impression. You want to have a positive, friendly and upbeat attitude with everyone you meet. If you have a tendency to complain or always see the glass half empty, work on changing your negative side to the positive side of being. Not only will others respond to you more positively but you will also enjoy hanging out with yourself!
There you go, you have 3 firm suggestions that you promised to follow.
You go girl and let me know how it’s working for you.

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