How to Get Started Dating For Women – Dating After Divorce

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Dating After Divorce foto1 How to Get Started Dating For Women   Dating After Divorce How To Start Dating After Divorce?

Getting Started Dating Dating After Divorce: How?

If you are a divorced woman thinking about dating again at 40, you may have the same question as most females in your situation.

The mystery you are trying to solve is how to get started dating for women after divorce.

You probably feel frustrated, confused and scared about your romantic future.

I know that is how I felt when confronted with this dilemma.

You want to begin dating men, but how do you get started?

Isn’t that what you are asking yourself?

Dating Fantasy vs Reality

I remember saying to myself, that maybe Mr. Right will just show up one day.

Like maybe I will accidentally meet him as I’m walking down the street.

That was my fantasy but I soon learned that my romantic illusion was not based in reality.

So, how to get back into dating again to meet available men became my quest for the real answer to this question.

 How to Get Started Dating For Women   Dating After Divorce

My Research Reveals…

I started by asking ex wives, single gals and even divorced men to help me uncover the clues to this mystery.

Some of the females said they were cougars and that is how they began dating

This meant they were older women dating younger men.

They met these men on online sites or various cougar speed dating events in their city.

So I discovered that this was one way to begin dating again.

I also discovered dating online personals. This was like putting an ad in a magazine or newspaper except it is online.

You just post a brief description of who you are and what you are looking for in a potential mate.

You can do this for your local area so that you are not dealing with a long distance relationship.

One of women I met told me to sign up on the online dating sites.

She said to check them out to see what would best suit my situation.

I discovered that some of these dating sites were specific to a religion or race.

Like Christian dating sites or black dating sites.

Whatever category you may want you will probably find.

Should You Start Dating Dating After Divorce By Going Online?

Online dating is a very popular way for meeting eligible singles these days.

 How to Get Started Dating For Women   Dating After Divorce

Then I discovered something that really struck my fancy.

For me that was ballroom dance classes. You don’t need to have a partner for the classes.

Single men and women are partnered up during class.

I love to dance so even if I did not find Mr. Right, at least I would be doing something I really enjoyed.

So as you can see there are a lot of options to get started dating for women after divorce.

The Huffington Post presents some interesting ideas about starting over in the dating game post divorce.

Dating After A Divorce For Women – Do What You Love

facebook group ladies image ad square How to Get Started Dating For Women   Dating After Divorce
The best advice for for women dating after divorce is to take part in activities that you enjoy but make sure they are not the kind of things that just women tend to do.

Ideally take classes or get involved in a sport that will attract guys as well as females.

That way you are enjoying your life and at the same time casting a wide net to meet new people with similar interests as you.

Leave a comment here and tell me, “What is your single biggest question about how to get started dating after divorce?”

Suzy Weiss

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Mihai February 20, 2012 at 2:58 PM

I do not think it is hard to start dating after divorce. You will start dating when you will feel this need. Is impossible to not do this anyway.

Elizabeth February 16, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Wow! Your tips about how to start dating after divorce are something I think I can do. After my divorce I tried some online dating sites but after awhile I found it wasn’t for me. I love sports, so joining some sports activity something I’m going to try. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

suzy February 17, 2012 at 3:18 PM

So glad that you found some helpful ideas here. Meeting men while doing the things you have an interest in, always works well. Worse case is you make a new friend, best case is you meet Mr. Right.

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