Find Out If Your Friend Likes You – Things To Look For

by suzy

Find Out If Your Friend Likes You picture Find Out If Your Friend Likes You   Things To Look For  A Warm Smile Makes All The Difference

Dating over forty for women is not always black and white when it comes to the more subtle ways for a man to express a romantic interest in you.

As an example how can you find out if your friend likes you more than just a friend?

This can be tricky.

You don’t want to make the wrong assumption and embarrass yourself and your buddy and put you both in an awkward situation.

If you are really good friends with a guy he is naturally going to care about your well being.

Basically a sincere middle aged friend will take an interest in your life, your problems and for sure the good things that are going on for you.

That is what a good friend does right?

But that is also the kind of relationship you would want with a male who has a romantic interest in you.

So you think your guy friend likes you but how to tell if he likes you more than just a gal pal?

Here are some signs he likes you more than just a friend:

Lack Of Eye Contact Could Be A Clue Of Interest

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Many men over 40 have a difficult time making eye contact with a woman they have a interest in.

They worry that a woman can tell if he likes her by looking into his eyes and they don’t want to risk the fact that the woman does not feel the same way about him.

This could be one of many clues that he likes you.

Smiling And Laughing In An Adoring Way Toward You

If your guy friend has suddenly started responding to your jokes and stories in a more enthusiastic way than he did in the past, it may be a sign he is starting to have more than just friendly thoughts toward you.

This could communicate he feels affectionate and loving feelings about you.

Through his physical smile and his outward positive behavior these are signs that he is into you.

Wants To Stay In Touch With You

When you are talking to your friend and you notice that he has started touching your hand, arm, or shoulder in a comforting way take note of that display of affection.

For some men that would another form of communication that they want to feel more connected to you in a loving and caring way.

Appropriate light physical touching are physical signs he likes you and may want more than a casual platonic friendship.

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Increased Interest In Your Life

If your friends interest in your life suddenly becomes more pronounced it could mean he has more on his mind that just friendship.

When a mature male friend starts to query you about everything that has to do with your life that signals his interest in you is more than just friendship.

And if out of the blue he wants to join you in the activities you are involved with, like running or a sport that speaks volumes about his feelings for you.

It means he wants to spend more time with you without having to make up reasons.

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Be careful with this one though, may times charming and seemingly caring men can turn into controlling boyfriends and husbands.

So don’t let his interest in you go to your head.

He Is Extra, Extra Helpful

Granted good friends help each other out when needed because that is what friends are for right?

However, when your man friend suddenly is at your side whenever you need the slightest thing done, that could answer the question does he want to take this relationship to another level?

Bottom line, you want to find out if a guy likes you and not make a fool of yourself.

Pulls Up His Socks

how to tell a man likes you socks Find Out If Your Friend Likes You   Things To Look For  Sometimes The Clues Are Subtile


No kidding if you see him pull up his socks, it could mean he is very interested in you to become more than a companion.

What do socks have to do with attraction you ask? Well think about it for a minute.

That’s right it means he is paying close attention to every last detail regarding his appearance.

He is hoping you will be as attracted to him as he is to you.

Bear in mind, every man is different. Therefore, to find out if your friend likes you pay close attention to his actions, his attitude and his communication both verbally and physically.

But if you are still a bit unsure there is only one option left.

Take a leap of faith and ask him how he feels about you.

If he is really a good friend the friendship will survive this situation in case you have misread his behavior.

And remember a lot of great marriages started out by first becoming best friends.

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Suzy Weiss

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jessica January 10, 2012 at 12:15 AM

I very confused my bestfriend here lately has been on my case wanting to no where i am and what i am doing at all times. He also will not go hang out with his guy friends unless i am present. Hes been wanting to spend more time just me and him. He has a girlfriend but he spends more time talking and hanging out with me and when i am around he acts like shes not even there. He asked me if he could go with me to my work christmas party when i didnt even really bring it up other than i was going to it. Does he like me more than a friend or am i still in the friend zone?

suzy January 10, 2012 at 6:52 AM

Jessica, it sounds to me like their is definitely a shift in your relationship with this best friend of yours. First question, you need to ask yourself is if you want to stay in the friend zone or take the relationship from best friends to boyfriend/girlfriend? The other question is does your guy want you to be a friend with benefits? Bottom line, you need to ask your friend what’s going on with him and your relationship. The risk factor is when you take a best friend relationship and shift into a romantic relationship and it does not work out then you lose your best friend along with your lover. Don’t jump in head first without having a serious heart to heart talk with this guy, and then decide what’s next.

Keep in touch and let us know how it goes.


Mike from how to tell if a guy likes you May 5, 2011 at 9:17 PM

Nice tips Suzy, this topic is very ver very sketchy.
Friends who like each other burry their feelings deeep for a very long time – that’s why it’s really har do tell if a friend likes you.

What I would suggest is to look for body language signs, they can really be trusted.

Like these

Pupils dilation – Scientists have proven this already, your pupils dilate when you see somebody you like! That’s an easy one, but you have to catch it. It happens in the beginning of the conversation usually, or after a compliment for example… So try to catch that when you bump into him next time.

Mirroring – Scientists call this subconscious behavior “mirroring” because people tend to copy the body language of the person they are interested in – fact. So what are we looking for? Well if you cross your legs, and he does the same – he’s in.

Another example, try this sneaky trick out – next time you are talking to him, look at your watch,count to three, and wait. If he does it as well – there you go

Anyway I write a blog on the topic of how to tell if a guy likes you, so it’s not only about friends, but other situatuions too :)

Much love,


suzy February 15, 2012 at 1:54 PM


Great suggestions:

1. Body language signs.
2. Pupils dilation – pupils dilate when you are liking what you are seeing.
3. Mirroring – people have a tendency to ‘mirror’ the body language of the person they are interested in.

Well said. Thanks for the pointers.


Lori April 12, 2011 at 6:59 PM

Hello! I met this man in church and he is a little younger than me. Well, about 5yrs and I think he likes me, but not sure. See, one Sunday after church he came up to me with a flyer inviting me to his singles group. Now, keep in mind that I am not in his group of singles in fact I am in the oldest group of singles, and he knows that I am not in his group. He is the leader of the 2nd oldest group and their are plenty of single women closer to his age who was going to be going out to the movies as a group. Well, I accepted his invitation, but later wasn’t feeling very much like going because I had a previous engagement with a co worker she invited me to her church event at the park. So I did not go but I did text him and let him know that I might not be able to attend at the function. He texted me back and said he hopes I could make it, but I didnt. I kinda didn’t wanna make it cause I felt that all the women in our church jump to his becking call, but not me I felt he would have to earn my attendance! but now I wish I had went just to see what it would be like. what if he never asked again because I was a no show before? I hope I wasn’t too hard. I notice that he wont do eye to eye with me. only when he has to, and he will avoid me too sometimes. He is a very attractive man, but does he find me attractive? I’m recently divorced and so is he. I’m 43 and he is 38.

suzy April 13, 2011 at 11:58 AM

Hi Lori,
Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.
Your question is does he find you attractive? And you are also second guessing your decision not to go the event he invited you to.
Your question is a common question I get from many recently divorced women.
Here is the thing. This question (is he interested in me) reveals a serious problem for any women re-entering the dating scene. It shows that you are not prepared to start dating. if you continue down this path you will probably end up being frustrated and confused about meeting men.
Preparing yourself for dating after 40 encompasses lots of different issues and planning. Dating at this point in you life is whole different ball game from what is was before you were married. Dating after divorce requires sole searching, planning and strategy to put you on the right track to meet the men that are best suited to who you are today.
Quite honestly, this is not a time to leave your love life to chance. If you do the risk factor is quite high that you will either find yourself in another failed marriage or you will eventually just give up on meeting the good guys.
I know this is true because of all the email I get from frustrated and lonely women. I also know this is true because of my own journey after my divorce and how I learned what I needed to do to find true love.
So that is why I teach divorced women how to prepare for dating and meeting Mr. Right the 2nd time around.
Got right now to My # 1 Secret to learn about this.

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