Find Love Again After Divorce

by suzy

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The movie Last Chance Harvey is about finding love again after divorce.

It tells the true life story of many people’s lives today.

How decisions, emotions and life situations become the cause of great unhappiness and suffering.

Last Chance Harvey demonstrates how to find love again by taking just one more chance on life.

Harvey Shine, is in London for the weekend for his daughter’s wedding.

He is a disheveled, quasi-loser type of guy.

Harvey is preoccupied with his work in New York where he writes jingles for ads.

He senses his boss is pushing him aside for younger talent.

Desperately, he feels that he can’t let this happen.

Harvey is the type of guy that seems invisible at times, especially when he is with family members.

His ex wife, who divorced him many years ago, re-married, a man who is everything that Harvey is not.

A Charming and successful executive who is closer to Harvey’s daughter than Harvey is.

Harvey’s path through a set of unlikely circumstance crosses the path of Kate Walker.

Unmarried, Kate’s life is becoming that of a spinster, set up by friends on blind dates leading nowhere.

She is preoccupied by taking care of her Mother who is over the top in demanding Kate’s time and attention.S

he calls Kate’s cell phone incessantly.

Harvey had a terrible day where he is pretty much ignored at his daughters rehearsal dinner and wedding.

He decides to skip the reception knowing he won’t be missed.

He heads to the airport to catch a flight back to New York.Due to a traffic jam he misses the last flight for that night and will need to wait until the morning.

When he calls his boss to tell him about his delay, he is informed that he has been fired.

At that point he make his way to the airport bar to drown his sorrows.

He strikes up a conversation with Kate as he begins to think about doing some serious drinking.

Kate seems aloof and not interested.

Harvey continues to attempt to make some kind of conversation that appears to be going nowhere fast.

Both Harvey and Kate are stuck in their unhappy lives, stuck like quick sand.

Kate’s story is she made some mistakes early in her life that resulted in a lot of pain.

From there she made the decision never to believe that she would find love and happiness.

In fact, she became so use to disappointment in relationships that she actually began to expect the disappointments, like they were just a normal part of her life.

Harvey on the other hand seems to keep his life in survival and struggle.

Not really understanding that he made this decision to save himself from the pain of an intimate relationship.

At the end of the day both Harvey and Kate want true love.

Neither believed they would ever find love.Because underneath it all, they really did not feel they were worthy of a loving relationship.

However, something begins to open up inside of Kate and Harvey.

They woke up out of their painful memories and had the courage to see the opportunity that was right in front of their eyes.

They both took one last chance at love and this time it worked.

Harvey decided he wanted Kate more than anyone or anything he had ever wanted before.

He transformed himself from a milk toast, that got no respect, to a confident man that knows what he wants.

Kate let her guard down.What she wanted more than anything else in her life was a loving and caring relationship.

Take a lesson from this incredible true to life film to find the life and love you deserve.

What do you want more then anything else in your life?

Below are 4 dating tips after divorce and finding your true love.

1. Let the past go and live in the now. Change the thoughts of pain into thoughts of joy when imagining your prince charming entering your life.

2. Take the most important risk you will ever take in this lifetime —– open to love again

3. Wake yourself up and admit to the pain that you have been hanging on to for so long.

4. No one can help you but yourself.Open your eyes and your heart.

Allow Mr. Right to enter your life, loving and adoring you for who you are.

Take one more chance.

Take a last chance to find love and fulfillment.

You too can find love again after divorce.

Suzy Weiss

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