The Facebook Dating Scammer Is Back

by suzy

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A Warning For Women Who Are Looking For Love Online

David Klotz the guy who lures single women online with photos of body builders and then scams these woman out of thousands of dollars and ruins their credit in the process… is back in the news.

He is charged with assault for biting a woman during an argument.

But even being in jail can’t stop Klotz from doing what he wants to do.

He violated a temporary protection order by calling the victim from jail.

He not only did this one time he called her twice.

The ‘Jack of Hearts’

So what happened to this ‘Jack of Hearts’ and king of scams?

The Municipal Court Judge C. Allen McConnell in Toledo took action and doubled his bond to $10,000.

The anonymous woman, claims Klotz physically bit her during the course of an argument, was happy to see this action being taken against her offender.

The woman who does not want to be identified said “I want justice for what he did, not only to me but to other women,” She says…”she just wants more than Klotz behind bars.”

This woman met Klotz on Plenty of Fish a dating site. She did say…It took her some time before discovering that he is not rich and had not used his real name.

You can read more about the story from ABC affiliate in Detroit WXYZ Channel 7, here.

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He Lied: Surprise, Surprise

“He claimed he lived in Las Vegas, and he was Dominick Delucci online on Plenty of Fish,” she says.

“David told me he was paying my bills, that he’d paid off my house. He’d paid off my car,” she says. “Then I was not getting the bills in the mail. He was taking the mail and throwing it away so I would think the bills were paid.”

About a year ago it was reported that Klotz lived in the Cherry Street homeless shelter.

He would spend his time at Toledo’s main library working on line at his trade, which of course is…looking for victims to scam.

This kind of internet dating scam is common all over the online dating sites and Facebook.

Think this could never happen to you? Think again…you’re no match to these scam artists.

Single women over 40, 50, 60 or older are typically targets of these scams. The problem that we see is, these women really don’t have much of any legal recourse.

These guys know what they are doing and set it up in such a way that the victims look like they were in agreement with everything that was done before the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ is exposed.

If you are going to take the risk of meeting men through online dating sites don’t believe that you’re safe just because you’re a paying member.

You may believe these sites are doing background checks, but they are not. Membership sites are not any safer than the free sites.

David Klotz has been scamming single women since 1995 and has spent very little time in jail.

This latest David Klotz victim says: “I’m not going to date online anymore, and it’s really hard to trust a man”

How about you, have you been a scam victim while using online dating sites or Facebook to meet men?

Do you know anyone that has?

Please share you story below in the comment section in an effort to help other women not fall victim to these crimes.

Suzy Weiss

The Safe Dating Coach For Women

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suzy August 16, 2012 at 6:48 AM

I agree that that the guy sounds like a nut case, but he also a seasoned con artist and has conned a lot of smart savvy people. So yes in hind site it looks like what was she thinking…but the fact we can’t forget is he’s good at what he does…cons people.

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