Clothes Attract Men Over Forty – One Piece To The Total Package

by suzy

Do Clothes Create Attraction With Men Past 40?

Clothes Attract Men Over Forty1 Clothes Attract Men Over Forty – One Piece To The Total Package

Your Clothes Should Express Your Personality

Any female, who wants to catch the attention of the right guy, needs to be a little conservative, somewhat sophisticated, definitely feminine and slightly sexy.

And don’t forget a woman needs to certainly be foxier than the male gender.

However, when it comes to men, it all begins with what they see. That is why you need to understand how clothes attract men over forty.

Nevertheless, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

First things first if you want to know how to attract men.

Do you know it is not the clothes that make a woman, but rather the woman who makes the outfit look great?

It is to your advantage to stand in front of a full length mirror and check out your posture.

Stand the way you normally stand and see where you need to make some changes.

Analyze your stance, what does it communicate?

You want to communicate through your body language, confidence, approachable and relaxed.

That is how attracting men with clothes really works.

Next, it is important to take a serious look at your hairstyle.

Is it in proportion to your body or do you have too much hair for your size?

Conversely is your hair on the shorter side of the equation?

Clothes Attract Men After Forty Clothes Attract Men Over Forty – One Piece To The Total Package

Single Moms Can Have Fun With Clothes

What you are looking for is balance between all of your parts.

In addition, is your hair color right for your complexion? This is a good time to check out your makeup.

Focus on the eyes, use just enough color to pop your natural eye color.

On the other hand, make sure you are not overusing your eye shadow, which can detract from the eyes.

Make sure your blusher and lipstick are good colors for you.

All this gets you moving in the right direction to attracting the right man.

So now we are ready to talk about your clothing.

The outfits you wear can deceive the eye as to your true size, and thus make you look thinner.

Be careful not wear outfits that are too colorful.

Too much color maybe a turn off for men over 40.

As an example very bright colors will draw onlookers to the areas that you would really like to hide.

Darker color outfits can make you look up to 5 pounds thinner.

Clothes Attract Men Over 401 Clothes Attract Men Over Forty – One Piece To The Total Package

Know How To Make A Positive First Impression

Check out your dress or skirt length in relation to the shape of your legs.

If you have great legs than for sure show them off with shorter skirts.

However, if you want them to look a little thinner than they really are, choose knee length skirts.

Make sure your garment fits you well, not overly snug and not real loose.

If you are not comfortable or confident that you have the eye for analyzing how you present yourself in terms of posture, proportion and body type then hire a consultant to help you do a makeover.

Whatever you do it is most important that you feel good about yourself, in what you wear and how you look. When looking for ways to attract guys use every advantage you can.

Yes, clothes attract men over 40 but not without you presenting the total package.


Suzy Weiss

P.S. The Number One Turn Off For Men
Regarding Women’s Clothing?

A: Wearing Clothing That Is Too Tight & Does Not Fit
==> Go here to Fix That Problem

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