Mature Women Dating

Tweet Book Review: Love for Grown-Ups: The Garter Brides’ Guide to Marrying for Life When You’ve Already Got a Life. According to the 2010 U.S census there are more than 28 million single or divorced women over 35 years old in the U.S. But if you are a single, mature woman how do you meet […]

Tweet I love talking with you about how to find love when dating over 40 because I know how important a loving relationship is for most of us women. And how does that saying go? There’s more than one way to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ So, today let’s focus on the law […]

Tweet As woman over 40 do you think it takes courage to date? We always hear that it takes courage for a man to date because of the fear of rejection. From asking a woman for a date, attempting a first kiss, or getting her phone number… It’s the guy that’s risking the painful possibility […]

Tweet According to researchers at Princeton University, “48 percent of American marriages, at current rates, would be expected to end in divorce within twenty years”. It’s perplexing that half of all marriages today end in divorce. It saddens me because this would not happen if men and women really understood who would be their ideal […]

Tweet So many women that I speak with feel confused when it comes to understanding what men really want in a relationship with a woman. Many of the women looking for relationships these days, have trouble understanding why a man won’t commit even after he’s been in relationship with you for quite some time. So, […]

Tweet Have you ever met a woman that loved going through her divorce? Neither have I. Why? Because going through a divorce brings up financial fears, feelings of isolation and can feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. But for women moving on after a divorce, meaning focusing on the next chapter in […]

Tweet Once You Do This… There Is Not Turning Back. We Return To Part 5 Of: Why Didn’t He Call I know, we don’t live in a perfect world and we do things all the time that we regret latter, but that’s just part of living life. However, when you do this, it often happens […]

Tweet If you are a woman who is dating over 40 and divorced you are probably re-entering the dating world after being out of it for many years. That is why a dating coach for women over 40 would be of great value to you as you begin to build your new life as a […]

Tweet There is nothing like a divorce to throw a woman into what I call the ‘Imbalanced Life Syndrome’ It’s like the rug got pulled out from under you. You feel like you are walking on shaky ground… And this usually goes hand in hand with low self esteem, confusion and feeling overwhelmed. One day […]

Tweet One More Truth: Why Men Don’t Call Back. Are You Wasting Time With The Wrong Men? Are you feeling anxious that you’re running out of time? When another year rolls around, do you find yourself hoping that maybe this will be the year you’ll meet Mr. Right. Do you feel that pain in your […]