Attracting Men Over 50: Cleopatra’s Secret Power

by suzy

Cleopatra Attracting Men Attracting Men Over 50: Cleopatra’s Secret Power Cleopatra Knew The Art of Attracting Men

“How do I get the attention of a Man Over 50 I’m interested in?”

Today I’m going to answer the question that divorced women tend to get the most confused about.

How to attract men over fifty.

Pay attention, because I’m going to share the best kept secret that most women are clueless about.

The secret is: How to Use The Power of The Cleopatra Factor to attract available men.

Cleopatra was probably the first woman to really understand and use the special power that all women possess to attract men.

Did you know that Cleopatra in her day was not considered beautiful?

That’s right ‘Cleo’ was actually very homely.

Yet this was a woman who was a seductress alluring woman of great feminine power.

From Cleopatra to Princess Diana, Helen of Troy to the Duchess of Windsor many have cast a spell over their societies and changed the course of history simply by being aware of their unique feminine allure the hypnotic power of women.

Cleopatra Had Amazing An Influence On Powerful Men

I call it the Cleopatra Factor.

It is a potent force that all females posses.

The question is how do you access this secret weapon.

Today you will learn the Cleopatra factor tip #3.

Your Cleopatra Factor was in high gear during your teens and early twenties.

But for most women after marriage and children it seemed to go into hibernation.

Now after divorce we need to unearth it.

Tip # 3: Get In Touch With Your Femininity

First step: Buy sexy underwear.

I’m talking lots of lace and silky fabrics.

Attracting Men By Feeling Sexy Attracting Men Over 50: Cleopatra’s Secret Power Buy Some New Victoria Secret ‘Goodies’

Go to Victoria’s Secret and check out what sexy underwear looks like.

Remember ladies, you don’t need to look like a Victoria’s Secret model to feel like one.

Then buy some so you will know what it feels like.

The secret to wearing sexy underwear is it is guaranteed to bring out your Cleopatra Factor.

No one knows that you have this secret of what you are wearing but your whole persona changes.

You begin to emit an alluring energy that men can’t resist. It is your feminine power awakening in you.

This is the beginning of discovering your own femininity.

I don’t know how this works I just know it works each and every time for all women.

Now I think I hear a few of you saying this is ridiculous there is no way sexy underwear is going to attract men after 50.

Well, for you skeptics I challenge you to try it.

Really what do you have to lose?

So the answer to, “How do I create attraction with a man I’m interested in” is use the power of Cleopatra by channeling ‘The Cleopatra Factor’.

Do you have a ‘How to Attract a Man Over 50‘ question or a tip?

Leave it in the comments below.


Suzy Weiss

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