10 Dating Tips – How to Meet Men after Divorce For Women

by suzy

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How do I meet men after a divorce is an ongoing dating question.

But this question is most asked by women dating over 40.

Well listen up ladies!

Here you will find the best dating tips on how to set yourself apart from the typical divorced woman.

Those women who think there are not any eligible guys for women 40.

If you are serious about finding a guy that meets all your hopes and desires for a long term relationship, then get serious about meeting lots of prospects to turn that goal into a reality right now.

It will take some effort on your part to be creative and put a plan into action each week.

Give this the same importance that you give to planning a trip, advancing in your job or buying a new house.

You will be amazed at the results.

Remember finding Mr. Right does not happen by accident, it happens because you put the effort, thought and energy in to this goal.

After all this is your life we are talking about.

Isn’t it worth your time to make finding the love of your life a priority?
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The key to a long term relationship is meeting and dating several guys at the same time.

That way you will be better able to honestly look at each guy with an eye to the future.

When you have an abundance mentality you will realize that there are plenty of men available for you to date.

In the process you will find the best Mr. Right for you!

Here are 10 fool proof tips to meet men.Don’t stop at one. Do as many as you can.

1. Walk Your Pooch

Walk your dog on a different route than what you usually walk.

Check out the different parks where people bring their dogs to play and alternate them during the weekends.

If you don’t have a dog, borrow your friend’s dog.

Both the dog and your friend will thank you.

Meeting with single men that own dogs is a great way to connect.

2. Go Shopping

When shopping, ask a man to help you do something.

For example, ask a guy to get a package from a high shelf that you are unable to reach.

Or, you could ask a guy where he found the sports drinks that he has in his shopping cart.

Turn to the man standing next to you in the frozen foods section, and ask if he has ever tried that frozen pizza on the shelf in front of you.

Make sure you remember to smile sincerely and say thanks to your requests.

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3. Like To Dance?

You do not need a partner when taking group lessons at a ballroom dance club.

Make sure you chose a club that also has social dancing on the weekends for their students.

Great place to meet guys.

The plus is you will have something in common, you both like to dance.

4. Do You Like Physical Activities?

Try participating in sports or riding your bike.

Join a coed volley ball group, tennis or golf club, a bike riding or a hiking club.

You will want to choose something that is of interest to both men and woman.

It is a great way to meet guys and enjoy what you like to do at the same time.

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5. Join A Health Club That Caters To Both Men And Women.

Learn how to use free weights, that is where the guys like to exercise.

If your club offers classes take a class that is popular with both guys and gals.

The gym is a great place to meet men.

Do things like ask the guy next to you for help in adjusting the machine you want to use.

Or if you make eye contact with someone that you want to meet just smile until he smiles back.

He’ll take it from there if he is available.

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6. Volunteer For A Worthy Cause That Strikes Your Heart.

Make sure the cause you pick is an organization where men volunteer.

If you see that you truly care for the cause, then go for it.

Take a position that would allow you to interact with other volunteers or even with the public.

Often non-profit organizations put together marathons and other public events that attract hundreds or thousands of people that most likely would include guys you will want to meet.

7. Lectures And Classes Are Great Places To Meet Men.

A great, less conventional option is your local Home Depot.

Yes, you read it right. Home Depot offers do-it-yourself classes and lectures in everything from painting a room to installing your own blinds.

Both men and women home owners attend these classes.

Plus, you’ll learn something useful that may come in handy.

8. Mobilize Your Mob of Matchmakers

Tell Six of your friends and family that you are looking for a great man to enjoy dinner with or a movie or to go dancing with.

Ask each to help you meet 2 men that they think are good guys.

Let them know that you are not asking them to find you your next husband.

But rather a single guy that they respect and think would enjoy your company.

If you do this, you have a potential of meeting 12 new guys.

If you want this to work, make sure you thank the people that referred dates to you.

This means you tell them how much you appreciate their effort, whether or not the date is successful.

You never want your friend to feel responsible for the date that did not work out.

Never talk negatively about the guy that your friend introduced you to.

Be gracious all the way around.

This is how you can use your personal Mob of Matchmakers to meet Mr Right.

9. Stop Buying Books Online, Sorry Amazon.

A great place to meet interesting guys is at the book store.

Go to the popular book stores like Barnes and Nobel that typically closes late.

The late hours insures the married men have gone home for dinner.Remember, you can tell a lot about somebody by the kind of books he reads.

A shared favorite can be the ideal way to spark a conversation.

10. Be Your Best Self Where Ever You Go.

Nothing is more attractive than being authentic, open and honest.

If you are attracted to a man smile, say a casual hello and make eye contact.

There are a ton of opportunities during your normal routine every day to meet single men.

Start to take advantage of those moments and it will change you and your outlook on life.

Soon Mr. Right will enter your world.

So there you have it 10 Tips for dating and finding Mr. Right after divorce for women.

Tell me what you think about ‘How to Meet Men after Divorce‘.

Have you tried any of these 10 dating tips?

Which is your favorite?

Drop me a line with your comments and questions.

Suzy Weiss

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Alice February 17, 2012 at 9:07 AM

Hi Suzy, your tips on meeting men make sense. I just need to do it, sounds easy but not so sure it will be for me. I can see that dating a few men at a time is a good idea. Your tips of where and how to meet more men has motivated me. Sitting at home and searching on online sites keeps me busy but I’m not happy with the results. Thanks for your help!

suzy February 17, 2012 at 3:38 PM

Hi Alice, thanks for stopping by. Here’s the thing, talking to a guy at the supermarket will seem strange at first. You will feel uncomfortable and awkward the first few times you initiate an interaction with a strange man in the store. But guess what…the more times you do it the easier it gets. And soon it will feel natural and you will begin to look forward to meeting guys in this way :smile:

Pam from Country Dating January 31, 2012 at 6:12 PM

This is a great list of tips, I wasn’t sure at first but after reading them I’ll be sure to think about it more. It’s hard to get back out there, thanks for taking the time to write this!

suzy February 3, 2012 at 3:27 PM

Yes I know it is hard to re-enter the dating scene after divorce. First you need to take the time to understand what you need to have in a man to make it a successful relationship. Next you need to discover where to meet this type of man. And then you need to take action. Learn more about re-entering the dating world and meeting men after divorce to help you get moving in the right direction.

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