green eggs and men Green Eggs and Men Don’t Pre-Judge Your Date

Do you remember the best-selling, children’s book by Dr. Seuss called, ‘Green Eggs and Ham’?

Basically, the story is about a character known as “Sam I Am” who pesters an unnamed character to taste a strange-looking dish of green eggs and ham.

He declines, claiming to dislike green eggs and ham.

However, the persistent “Sam I Am” would not cease from following him around and trying to encourage him to try the green eggs and ham, asking him if he will sample the dish if he does it in various locations (like a boat or a house) and with an assortment of dining partners (like a goat or a mouse).

At the end, the unnamed character gives in to “Sam I Aim’s” pestering and takes a bite of green eggs and ham, which he finds much to his amazement…he really, really likes ‘green eggs and ham.’

Now this may surprise you…but the story of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ is a lot like what can happen to you when you re-enter the dating world later in life.

Let me explain…

Typically when you think about dating, you think about the kind of men you would want to meet.

Does he need to be a certain height and in reasonable physical shape?

Is he a professional?

Does he need to have full head of hair?

College educated?

One woman told me she could never date a man that was a blue collar worker like a plumber or construction worker.

These are just a few examples but I’m sure you get the drift.

While all this sounds reasonable and logical…

As strange as this may sound…

It is what is actually keeping you from meeting your Mr. Right.

I call it ‘pre-judging.’

Just like in the ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ story the character pre-judged that he would not want to try this dish…because it didn’t look like he thought it should.

But once he tried it…he really liked it!

Admittedly, it can be human nature to pre-judge…we all do it at times.

When I first started dating after my divorce, I always met a man at a public place for the first date.

I’m embarrassed to admit this but…

I would tell the date to wear something so I could identify him as to where he would be sitting in the coffee shop.

I made it a habit to always arrive after him.

That way if he looked like ‘green eggs and ham’…LOL I would leave. L

I stopped pre-judging the day I was about to leave thinking he didn’t see me, when there was a tap on my shoulder and he said: “Didn’t you see the name tag I told you I’d wear?”

He ended up being an awesome guy and it would have been tragic to have missed out on getting to know him.

One of the women I recently coached felt she had to date professionals with MBA’s.

She dated MBA’s for years without ever meeting her Mr. Right.

But at 45, when she met her future husband Stan, who was a volunteer at an organization (where dogs were trained for dog therapy)…he was far from being an MBA.

Now Stan had a decent job, but not at all on the same level as the kind of job an MBA would have.

As she got to know him through this volunteer program, she quickly realized he was the kind of man that she was always looking for.

It was clear they were soulmates.

And all this time she’d been pre-jugging men like him.

That leaves this important question…how you can get clarity about the kind of man that would best be suited to you?

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Suzy Weiss
Dating Coach For Women That Want A Better Way

meg sleepless Sleepless in Saratoga Relax There Is An Answer To Your Problem

I remember very clearly after my divorce, when I was newly single, waking up at three o’clock in the morning and having a conversation with myself, “Will I ever meet someone I can love and trust?”

This happened more times than I care to think about.

I was an emotional wreck.These ‘wake up calls’ would happen often after meeting one more ‘social misfit’ for a date the day before.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night…in those wee dark and silent moments in the morning with the thought, “Am I going to spend the rest of my life alone?”

Questioning yourself over and over, “Why can’t I meet a decent man?”

The reality is as a woman over 40, you feel pretty vulnerable in the first place to put yourself out there to try to meet men.

When you meet men you don’t even want to spend 5 minutes with… it feels unbearable.

I must admit there were plenty of days, nights and even months when I said, “Screw it, I can’t do this anymore, I’m through with this dating B.S.”

I felt like I was banging my head up against a brick wall trying to get answers as to why I kept attracting the wrong men?

Then something really weird happened.

One Sunday, the kids were with my ex and I was feeling really lonely. To get my mind off of feeling so lonely, I started looking at a travel magazine I’d just received in the mail.

There was an article I read that talked about getting clear on what you really want to experience when traveling or on a vacation.

Well, you know how sometimes something that seems totally unrelated to a problem you’re having … unexplainably leads you toward an answer in ‘a-ha’ kind of way?
DAD ad square 2v2 Sleepless in Saratoga

Oprah calls them ‘light bulb moments’.

Well, that’s was my ‘light bulb moment’. Out of nowhere I got this vision of myself throwing darts, but never hitting the Bulls-Eye.

I was trying my best, but I was missing the target.

This ‘light bulb insight’ resulted in my understanding of what I now call, ‘Re-Targeting’.

Here’s the thing…

If you are meeting men that are not the kind of men you want to spend time with…
then you are throwing darts on the outer edge of the dartboard.

You are missing the bulls eye.

If you meet men who are just looking for SEX, rather than a relationship…
You’re throwing darts on the outer edges of the dart board.

If NONE of the men you are meeting are worthy of a ‘real relationship’, then you’re ________ (you got it…fill in the blank).

The bottom line is: if you are not meeting the quality men YOU want to meet, you’re throwing darts on the outer edge of the dart board.

‘Re-Targeting’ is the way to start hitting the relationship bulls–eye on the dating dartboard.

If you are not meeting the kind of men that get you excited about dating again, then you need to ‘Re-Target’.

Now, you can start hitting the relationship bulls-eye. The Real Secrets to Meeting Relationship Minded Men :^)))

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Suzy Weiss

Dating Coach For Women Over Forty

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